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ANOTHER GAY STORE?! You got that right! But, what makes us different is we pride ourselves in collaborating with LGBTQ+ organizations so we can give back to LGBTQ+ youth. The Advocating SPEDucator stands for acceptance and inclusion whether that is in the community or a school setting. We believe that clothing is more than something you wear, it's a conversation starter. 

We can also tell you is that the owner is excited for the opening of this shop! Erik is a former special education teacher whose passion and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, youth specifically, has placed him in hot water more than a few times and he has refused to allow others silence him. So, with the joining of advocacy and special education, The Advocating SPEDucator was born!

For far too long we've grown tired of seeing big box stores profit from slapping a rainbow on their products while claiming to be supportive, yet their actions the 11 other months say otherwise. Our mission is to provide products for LGBTQ+ by LGBTQ+ all while giving back.